TennisLinq is the only platform that connects clubs to pros and pros to jobs across the world. Also the speed and cost it takes to find a pro. We’re revolutionizing the traditional recruitment process which means you’ll start getting responses within a day after the position is posted on our site.
The fee to run a sports job opening is FREE.
We manually go through each and every job when it’s posted on our site. When a club posts a job, it is entered into our database where our staff will go through verification to make sure it is legit. During the verification process, the job will not show on the listings (inactive) and after success verification it’ll be upgraded to active. This process usually takes 24 hrs.
First of all, clubs that posts the jobs has the settings on their respective dashboards to edit or remove the jobs ones they become unavailable. If we see a job that has been sitting at our site for more than 30 days, we will get in touch with the club to see if they need help with getting the candidate or if it needs to be removed.
It only costs the club $9 per year to have unlimited access to our coaches database.  That is less than a dollar per month
The best way to contact us is by filling out our Contact Us form. Also, you can call us at any time….
Advertising! Our site is visited by pros and players from all corners. You placing your profile on our site, promotes your club so players can easily find you.