Jobs posted on TennisLinq come from a broad range of clubs and schools that cover every major region of the world

  • Tennis Director
  • Assistant Tennis Director
  • Head Tennis Pro
  • Assistant Head Pro
  • Academy Director
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Club Managers
  • High School Coach
  • Assistant High School Coach
  • Athletic Director
  • Assistant Athletic Director
  • Camp Instructors
  • Director of Junior Tennis
  • Community Tennis Coach
  • Director of 10 and Under Tennis
  • Assistant Director of 10 and Under Tennis
  • Director of Adult Tennis
  • Head College Coach
  • Assistant College Coach
  • High Performance Coach
  • Pro Shop Staff
  • Racquet Stringer
  • Tennis Instructors/Professionals
  • Travelling Coaches
  • Private Coaches
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We manually go through each and every job when it’s posted on our site. When a club posts a job, it is entered into our database where our staff will go through verification to make sure it is legit. During the verification process, the job will not show on the listings (inactive) and after success verification it’ll be upgraded to active. This process usually takes 24 hrs.
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