24 Apr

LinkedIn Publishing Platform – Case Study Report3

LinkedIn Pulse is a unique combo of Human factor + Computer formula factor.

Because of this it may never be fully conquerable. It may only be probability conquerable. The big goal setting out was to see if we can stack the odds in our favor and get 30% or 40% of our articles into the top 20 articles for the day with tens of thousands of readers per article.

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24 Apr

Joshua B. Lee on the Hidden Profit Path iTunes show

Joshua Lee has had a wild ride as an entrepreneur. Hear Joshua B Lee’s mistakes, triumphs, vision, and lessons he’s learned on this episode.
His career has spanned over a decade mostly in the online advertising industry. First he was an employee and made lots of contacts and connections that he grew into allies.

The founder of that company was mostly hands-off and it was running well. But the founder decided to get more involved even though he didn’t know much about the business and ended up tanking the business.

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24 Apr
24 Apr
24 Apr

How to Publish Your Book Without Writing 1 Word: The Dentist’s Step-by-Step Guide

Dentist guide to publishing your book for authority and growth in patients to your practice
image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wakingtiger/3157621212/sizes/o/

[Version of this Article originally published on Yahoo!]

You’ve probably had a book idea in your head for months if not years. Maybe even decades. What would it mean to your practice if you were published?

This is article 2 in this “Get your book published series”. See on Yahoo article 1 Dentist’s Ultimate Practice Builder here.

If you’re like other dentists, one big hurdle is “I’m not a writer”.

You’re held back because you think writing is a chore, it’s going to be very difficult, and you don’t have time for it.

My goal is to share with you solutions to get your book written and published without writing 1 word yourself. You can decide from the solutions which one is best for your situation.

Remember, this is a non-fiction book about mouth and tooth health. This works for fiction books as well but I work with dentists to increase your credibility and grow your business.

Here’s how to get your first manuscript written fast without writing 1 word on paper nor typing on your computer.

Hire a Ghostwriter

Here are the problems with this. As a dentist you have expertise, they don’t. Certainly, any good ghostwriter will do their research and produce an average or above average level knowledge of dentistry. Your book will be pretty good but probably won’t express your personality or your “voice”. It won’t be written to sound like you.

The biggest reason your book should be top priority is so new potential patients see you as the expert and therefore choose you over your competitors. A ghostwriter isn’t the best option to accomplish this.

However, if you’re willing to carve out lots of time for coaching and do a bunch of editing, ghostwriting can work.

You can get a 3 1/2 star out of 5 star book in terms of the expertise of the content and it being written in “your voice”. Be ready to experience some frustration, possibly have to hire multiple ghostwriters, and invest quite a bit of your own time if you choose this option.

Who is this option for?

If you’re a dentist just starting out or your business is a little bit slow, this can be a less cash out-of-pocket option to get your book done.

Remember, getting your book published is the priority. So do what it takes to get published. Just be aware you’ll spend way more of your time and it’ll take longer to get your manuscript completed and publishing ready.

Dictate to a Human

You can hire somebody off Craigslist, a high school student or a college student.

Here are the problems with this. As a dentist, if you hire a person to dictate to they have your notes and maybe even audio recordings.

They don’t know you and even if you have a contract with them they could see a bigger payday from publishing your written and audio content on the Internet before you. Then you’ve got a nasty legal copyright fight on your hands. You’ll likely win. But you have to ask yourself “Is it worth the potential legal hassle?”

A couple of other problems are their reliability to type out exactly what you say and their slow typing speed.

As you know with hiring anybody it can be hard to find good, skilled, and reliable people. Hiring a few bad people before you get to a good one can be frustrating and suck a lot of your time.

Who is this option for?

If you’re a dentist whose highly detail oriented and you’ve got quite a bit of extra time in your schedule to devote to the project, this option can work for you.

You’ll also have to be good at figuring out the structure of your book, what topics you should include, what topics you should leave out because your readers don’t care about them, and be disciplined to stick to your dictating and editing schedule so your book actually gets finished.

Use Dictation Software

Here are the problems with this. The biggest problem with dictation software (caveat, I used Dragon NaturallySpeaking to create this article) is they slow you down.

You have to learn how to use the software, train the software to recognize your voice, train the software for how you speak and the words you use, and also speak the points where you want punctuation.

I’ve trained my dragon to be about 92% accurate. This means you still have to go in and edit your work which takes additional time. For books and longer works editing can be tough. If you’ve talked out 2, 4 or more pages, the software may have mistakenly typed up some nonsense and you’ve forgotten exactly how you phrased that sentence.

Who is this option for?

If you’re a dentist who has patience and enjoys learning how to use new software, then this could work for you.

You must be a little bit tech savvy, and have the discipline to carve out time in your schedule to talk into your computer for one hour per day at least. Of course, this doesn’t cover the other aspects of publishing including: your book cover, your title, formatting it for print and Amazon Kindle, as well as all of Amazon’s requirements.

Record Then Get Transcribed

Here are the problems with this. The biggest problem is finding a good transcriber at a reasonable price. The other big problem is getting your transcript back in a timely fashion.

Lots of times I’ve hired people and they disappear without communicating with me for a week or more at a time. And I’m left to wonder “Are they doing something bad like publishing my audio online?”

Who is this for?

If you’re a very self-disciplined dentist then this is one of your best options. Firing up your recorder and talking is one of the fastest ways to get your book content.

There are no headaches or hassles to slow you down. Almost every smart phone has a memo-recording app or function. So there are no technology hurdles.

This is for you if: you’re disciplined enough to carve out time in your schedule every day, know how to design your topics and chapters, and know what to leave out of your book.

Also there will be frustration and the potential security risks of having your audio out in the wild online if the first 2 or 3 transcribers don’t work out.

Dentist book Publishing done for you and your book delivered to your door just like takeout

image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wakingtiger/3157621994/sizes/o/

Get Interviewed

Here are the problems with this. This is the highest financial investment option because it’s a full service package.

Who is this for?

If you’re a busy dentist who wants to stay focused on your core business and profits with minimal disruptions then this is your best option.

This allows you to finally break through and get your book published.

If you’d love the option with the least personal time invested to still get your “voice” and expertise into your book then this is for you.

This option allows you to focus on the growth of your business while this growth supercharger (your book) still progresses.

This is what I do with my clients:

* We schedule a time for interview #1
* We agree via e-mail what topic(s) we’ll cover
* I call you, fire up my recorder, and interview you about the topic
* I’m responsible for getting it transcribed and edited
* You or an employee reads through and approves it for quality and accuracy
* Rinse and repeat for the rest of the topics your book will cover

My clients tell me this is what finally got them “over the hump”.

They get their book out of their head and onto paper.

If you’ve been held back in the past ask yourself, “Which of these options is actually going to get my book in print?”

Then do that option.

Best Growth Solution for the Busy Dentist

If you’re a busy dentist who’s looking for that next higher growth level in your business that could double, triple or more your profits then getting your book out of your head and into print/digital format deserves to be your priority.

The two best options if you fall into this “busy with your business” category are recording it yourself or working with a professional publishing company to do the development of your topics and interview style “writing”.

This allows you to do what all the experts advise which is “Write like you talk”.

It infuses your personality and your energy into the book. The book is written in your “voice”.

This is a most powerful sales accelerator to those new patients. It also takes all of the editing, publishing hassles, and all of the technical requirements to get your book published off of you and onto the experts.

For 99% of dentists I talk to, these are the only 2 options that make sense.

I’ve got a few more articles planned for this “get your book published” for dentists article series. In the comments below, ask me your questions or tell me what other topics regarding getting published you’d like me to cover.

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22 Apr

Online Media Strategist – Giving Prospects a Reason to Choose You

Being recognized as the “Authority” or Subject Matter Expert is a process. Media coverage is part of it and a shortcut prospects use to evaluate you. Do you have Authority? Do your competitors have it? The one who does likely wins. I’d be glad to ask about what you’re doing, your expertise and see if a media strategy makes sense for your business.
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