22 Apr

Google – Who Clicks Where?


Check this alarming data out. You can CLICK ON THE IMAGES to go to the original news sources.

You can see this is a national search. For local searches Google maps replaces the #1 result so

gets all the clicks the #1 result gets.

Google - Where the Clicks Are Happening


When Google AdWords first came on the scene, clicks on the sponsored links were through the roof!

In fact, most Google users didn’t know there was a difference between the organic listings on the left and the paid listings on the right, so by some estimates the paid listings received as much as 30% of the clicks.

By 2008 this number had dropped to 10.5% according to Enquisite.com (see chart on the left, below)…

…and by 2009 the percentage of clicks to paid listings was down to 7.5%.


Today the percentages are even lower, with the sponsored (i.e. “Paid) results generating just 4 – 5% of the total clicks on the page:

And while experts may argue over the exact percentages, none of that really matters. What does matter is that the percentage of clicks to sponsored search listings are on a decline, and few expect it to rebound .

Google - Number of Clicks vs Advertiser Spend

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