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ClintEvans.com exists to highlight my business skills, expertise and experience. It also exists because the web is today’s “phonebook”. Since nobody uses the phonebook anymore they go on the web and type in your name to find you. So if any of my long-lost friends, former classmates from school, or family members need to contact me they could just type in my name to find me.

I’ve been up to a lot of interesting marketing things these last 15 years since 1999. You can see samples of my sales writing & marketing portfolio at this page. Watch video of me speaking here.

Knowledge Sharers are my focus. I get many Dentists, Surgeons and Home Service Businesses referred to me

You can see my best-selling book on Amazon where I go over the combination of Internet and off-line marketing tactics I use to grow my clients’ businesses and practices.

My Book

Small Business Marketing System – Be #1 in Your Market. I go over what the Unified Overall Marketing System contains, why you need it, what doesn’t work you can stop blowing your marketing budget on. And finally, why you need a Custom Unified Overall Marketing System so your business can thrive and grow at previously unseen levels.

Small Business Marketing System book by author and consultant Clint Evans

Clint Evans Amazon best-selling author

Clint Evans CNN

Clint Evans Business.com

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Business Diagnosis Process — Short Version

— 3 meeting process once a potential client contacts me

— I ask the doctor or surgeon a list of about 10 questions to find out exactly what their needs, growth desires, holes in their marketing plan, and opportunities in their market look like.

— I use the material from this “diagnosis session” to compile a full market analysis report and a full competitive analysis report

— I go over these results with the doctor or surgeon, educate them enough so they can make an informed decision about what the best plan is to grow their practice and get excellent positive return on investment

I’m focusing on medical marketing consulting because it’s more fun for me and these doctors are experts in the medical field. They know their practice area and expertise like the back of their hand. This doesn’t leave much time to handle the very complex and ever-changing business side of their clinic. And without the business side their clinic fails because their costs, overhead and insurance are scary high.

Me, the Marketing Doctor

So I’m the doctor and they are the patient. I come in to operate on the business side of their clinic. The plan I implement for them focuses mostly online because that’s where everybody is and that’s where the trends and growth are headed. Cisco company, the ones who make the backbone of the Internet (the routers), say roughly 90% of Internet traffic will be from video by 2016.

So the plan includes upgrading their websites with the software, pages, speed and other best practices Google demands to see in order to show their website high in the results when a potential patient searches for their service. Video is a huge part of the campaign because of the trend. I future proof my clients businesses.

Off-line Booster

There are 3 to 4 really effective off-line marketing tactics that are working right now. I go over those with the client and put them into action at the appropriate time. When combined with the online tactics and the appropriate timing it’s like rocket fuel that surges the clinic/practice’s growth.

Personal Stuff

I’m very close with my sisters and super excited about my new niece Lily. I still call her new even though she’s over a year old. She’s very animated and happy for one so young and I look forward to seeing her grow up.

As for me, I’m an adventurer and adrenaline junkie. I love skydiving, already done it twice, and plan to do so many more times. I also love snowboarding more than skiing. There’s nothing like shredding some fresh powder on the side of a mountain on a cool or cold day as the slight biting breeze nips at your face.

My 3 Big Passions in Life in Order:

1) Family

2) Business — topics of marketing and psychology

3) Health — nutrition and weight loss

If you’d like to contact me you can through my contact page here

If you’re an old friend or enemy, want to talk to me, have a medical practice or home services business you’re looking to grow, or just looking me up to get back in contact then I encourage you to do so. I look forward to talking with you and hope your day and the rest of your days go fantastically well. I’ll see you soon or on the other side.

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