My client talks about results gained from working with me:

My writing samples:

Lead Gen Video salesletters:

*To Get Car Dealers to Call

*To Get Dentists to Call

* Long Form Text Salesletter (owner has taken program down)

* Homepage Salescopy (owner decided to focus on a different project)

* Blogs/Articles

* Video I Created with Voiceover

Marketing Plan for Government Contracts Company

Print Booklet – for meetings with business owners
How to Get More Customers booklet

Marketing Plan for branded business

Marketing Plan for foreigner breaking into U.S. business-to-business Market

Event Promotion Results

Fitness Book I wrote…Spartacus Workout

(Carson Clay is an author pen name. I can show the admin area of my Kindle account for proof this is 1 of my 3 books currently published.)

Websites I consulted, designed, and helped build (design complete, content to be added)

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