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The views expressed on this site and any advice given in the articles published here on ClintEvans.com are from the author themselves. I do post articles and material from guest authors from time to time. I don’t nor does this site take any credit nor responsibility for the advice given in those articles.

I look them over before publishing and they are accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time of publishing. Technology changes rapidly and some of the older material maybe contain out-of-date tactics and/or advice. Keep that in mind. If you have any questions about a specific page or material contact me this way.

My Material

As for the articles and material I write myself, they’re up-to-date at the time they’re published. I’ve been studying and implementing online marketing tactics for over 14 years. So I’m constantly doing continuing education and research to stay on the very razor’s bleeding edge of technology and trends moving forward.

Even so, at the end of the day these articles and material I write myself are my opinion and not intended to speak for anyone else or any other corporation.

Any talk about Google, or any other trademarks, is based on reverse engineering and observing what works. Nobody knows exactly how Google positions websites nor all the factors that their software uses when doing so. This statement also applies to YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other sites mentioned. Any case studies are based on client and partner results which we observed.

I hope you put these ideas to use because they are meant to be future proof and to get you valuable results. I operate under what’s known as “white hat” methods because these are the ones that last even if  they take a little longer in the beginning to show improvement.

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