23 Apr


I don’t currently own any stock in Google, Amazon, Yahoo or the other tech companies I talk about here. If that changes in the future I will update this disclosure page to reflect those changes.

I do speaking presentations and teach workshops from time to time for the Small Business Administration, other local groups, and even do traveling speaking gigs. Some of those are compensated and others I do by paying on my own dime.

Advertising on Clint Evans

I currently don’t sell any advertising on ClintEvans.com. I do leave the possibility open for the future and will update this disclosure at the appropriate time if this changes.

Affiliate, Commissions

From time to time I may recommend products, books, services or other things to buy. Assume that in most cases I stand to gain a commission. My reputation is on the line so I only recommend products I believe in and that share the same philosophy I believe in. Amazon pays a whopping 2% to 7% commission so that book you purchased that I recommended is going to pay my Starbucks fee…if I drank coffee. Anyway, commissions are nice and as a businessman I make and plan to keep making money going forward by recommending products I’d be proud to recommend to my grandma, my friends and you. If you have questions I urge you to contact me here.

You can read disclaimers here.

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