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Online Media Strategist – Giving Prospects a Reason to Choose You

Being recognized as the “Authority” or Subject Matter Expert is a process. Media coverage is part of it and a shortcut prospects use to evaluate you. Do you have Authority? Do your competitors have it? The one who does likely wins. I’d be glad to ask about what you’re doing, your expertise and see if a media strategy makes sense for your business.

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You’re probably asking, “Is it REALLY possible to slash my advertising costs while increasing my profits? And is Clint Evans the guy who can show me how to do it?”

There’s an adage which goes “Half of my advertising works I’m just not sure which half”. Wouldn’t you love to know which half?

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I was working with a client and he was nothing extraordinary. He’s a regular guy and what floored me is he was doing a bunch of different types of advertising. That’s not what floored me. The fact he wasn’t tracking any of his advertising is what floored me.

How can you know what your ROI (return on investment) is if you don’t know what advertisements are producing customers?

How can you know which advertising channels are effective and which are a waste of your time and money?

I asked him these 2 questions and the answers were something I never even considered. “I don’t know how to track my advertising” he says to me.

“It’s not your fault” I told him because nobody had ever talked to him about this concept. And you’re probably in the same boat. You may even be smarter than my client and know that you NEED to track but just aren’t sure how to go about it.

Once I taught him the 2 simple tactics for tracking his offline (works for online ads also) advertising it transformed his business. It didn’t quite cut his ad budget by 50% because he wanted to re-invest the money into more of the advertising which was working well so I suggested some places.

After some reflection I realized his situation wasn’t unique. Then after talking with a few more small business owners I discovered this was fairly commonplace.

What was common knowledge for me that I use everyday was virtually unknown to 99% of small business owners. So that’s what spurred the development of this workshop to bring this knowledge to you in an easy to digest way. It’s a few hours to transform your small business into a sustainable, predictable positive cash flow business.

Isn’t that what you wanted when you started your business?

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