24 Apr

Hidden Profit Path Show Launches – iTunes Approved

Hidden Profit Path iTunes show approved by the iTunes editorial team

The iTunes team approved my Hidden Profit Path Show at 6:54 PM yesterday!

I was sweating like a polar bear in the Bahamas yesterday afternoon because I’d heard nothing but radio silence from the iTunes team. Our launch deadline loomed and if we didn’t get approved I was going to have major egg on my face.

Polar bear, penguin, walrus all sweating on an iceberg in this cartoon

image credit Mike Thompson at http://www.paramuspost.com/mediagallery/media.php?f=0&sort=0&s=20070227003023410

We sent our podcast in for approval last Friday evening figuring 2 days plus (Saturday, Monday, Tuesday morning) would be enough time.

I’m very grateful to have gotten this e-mail at 6:54 PM last evening:

ITunes approval e-mail received from the iTunes editorial team

We’re ready to rock for today’s online launch event starting at 11 am eastern!

I look forward to talking with you inside the Hidden Profit Path LinkedIn group and I’m confident you’ll get at least 1 Golden Nugget you can use right away and probably many more from the 6 entrepreneurs who are part of our launch

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