24 Apr

Joshua B. Lee on the Hidden Profit Path iTunes show

Joshua Lee has had a wild ride as an entrepreneur. Hear Joshua B Lee’s mistakes, triumphs, vision, and lessons he’s learned on this episode.

Joshua B Lee speaking from stage at an event to coach entrepreneurs and business owners on 10x growth strategies

His career has spanned over a decade mostly in the online advertising industry. First he was an employee and made lots of contacts and connections that he grew into allies.

The founder of that company was mostly hands-off and it was running well. But the founder decided to get more involved even though he didn’t know much about the business and ended up tanking the business.

Joshua could see the massive greenfield opportunities that abounded in the online advertising world. He got in touch with his allies and experts in the industry before, during and after starting his own business.

He talks about mistakes he’s made along the way including the $1.3 million mistake he made on a bet inside the Playboy club in Las Vegas.

He also talks about what he’s most excited about and passionate about going forward. This episode of the Hidden Profit Path iTunes show will enlighten you and give you tips you can put to use right away.

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