24 Apr

LinkedIn Publishing Platform – Case Study Report2

This test was on the article Anti-Customer Service from eBay.

Gratitude for your support, sharing and comments.

VIP Publisher Goal

My goal for the group is to get 3 or 4 out of every 10 articles we publish into LinkedIn Pulse yielding hundreds of thousands of readers per ‘Pulsed’ article. Of course, we want magazine quality articles that are useful to the LinkedIn community and raise the status of those who choose to share.

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Update on Article 1 – 3,551 Readers, 1 Referral Partner

— the guy who contacted me about clients has signed on as a referral partner. He’s a ghostwriter and was looking for someone to handle the promotion and news media pieces for his executives and entrepreneur clients.

Embrace the difficult because it’s what separates the winners from the losers ~paraphrase of Tom Hanks

17,827 readers on my article published to LinkedIn about poor eBay customer service

17,827 readers so far.

Imagine Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the mountain.

I believe this is a great way to look at gaining entry into LinkedIn Pulse.

Once we get enough initial ‘oomph’ that boulder will roll down the other side of the mountain on its own and LinkedIn will send us 10s of thousands, 100s of thousands and potentially even MILLIONS of readers because of it.

I’ve listened to a couple of podcast episodes from Stephanie Sammons and Mike Stelzner as well as read some articles from Viveka von Rosen and Melonie Dodaro on how to get more out of the LinkedIn publisher platform.

One common thread I’ve noticed is you’ve got to promote.

Almost none of the articles are just published to LinkedIn and then by some magic + luck does a LinkedIn editor pick it up and deem it “Pulse worthy”.

Case Study Report – article2

In this article 2 test I did less direct reach out to my friends and business associates. I mainly published it to the Facebook and LinkedIn VIP publishers group.

Broad Stroke Conclusions from Article 2

We didn’t quite make it into the full Pulse.

Mike Taylor, said I got to the top of the 2nd page in a couple of major categories. But it just didn’t have enough ‘thumbs up’ or comments compared to those at the very top of the categories.

As our group grows and we get our process for promoting each group member’s article more streamlined we’ll be more likely to Pulse.

Results – 3 Days After Publishing

43 thumbs up

13 out of the 43 thumbs up (30.2%) are from people inside our VIP publisher group. I’m very encouraged  by this. That means the topic was of interest to the LinkedIn community at large. It also means our initial promotion as a group got the boulder part way up the mountain.


Only 7 out of the 34 comments (20.6%) are from members inside our VIP publisher group. Again this is encouraging. The whole goal is to leverage the power and reach of the LinkedIn platform.

New Followers

I gained around 20 new followers since publishing this article 3 days ago.

New Client?

On Friday Oct 17th at 10 AM Central time, I’m talking with a lady who’s interested in my services.

Raising Your Profile

I’ve raised my profile tremendously. Some users posted negative comments with legitimate points (others comments were personal attacks). That’s going to happen. You have to be tough enough to withstand a few barbs in the back and arrowheads in the front.

The amount of new people who have seen my work and are now contacting me has been well worth it.
I’m talking with one guy in Australia who’s built multiple multimillion dollar businesses and has run 3 events in partnership with LinkedIn corporate.

Early Results — 11:51 AM (about 3 hours after publication)

I did get into the ‘discussions’ tab inside Social Media Marketing group. Went into ‘moderator limbo’ inside the Linked Strategies group. 1 for 2 is better than last time. Posted directly into each group this time to get the better result.

5 new followers

People who liked my article on LinkedIn

11 ‘thumbs up’on the article.

2,328 readers on my article about eBay published on LinkedIn

2,328 readers so far.

I did a lot more social media promotion on this one, publishing to my different social media accounts. I’m testing out a new tool over the next few articles and will reveal more if it turns out to be legit.

How Far We Must Push the Boulder…

It’s looking more and more like 100 ‘thumbs up’ and 30 or more comments are benchmarks to shoot for on day 1… preferably within the first 2 or 3 hours after publishing.

This moves you up in the categories and even potentially gets the attention of LinkedIn editors. Our VIP publisher group and its power is growing.

Participating in the article promotions on day 1 of publishing is critical.

Also inviting 1 or 2 quality members into the group would move us to our goals faster. Feel free to invite members you think would be a good fit and give a quick 1 sentence on why they’d be good.

We don’t want spam in the group but we do need to grow to achieve our goals.

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