24 Apr

LinkedIn Publishing Platform – Case Study Report3

LinkedIn Pulse is a unique combo of Human factor + Computer formula factor.

Because of this it may never be fully conquerable. It may only be probability conquerable. The big goal setting out was to see if we can stack the odds in our favor and get 30% or 40% of our articles into the top 20 articles for the day with tens of thousands of readers per article.

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36,285 LinkedIn Pulse Readers for my article revealing simple hacks to improve productivity and writing


Article 3 achieved the best outcome yet.

We got to #10 overall in LinkedIn Pulse.

That’s the equivalent to being number 10 overall in Amazon (we’re not talking about number 10 in a non-competitive very specific subcategory).

We were one of the 10 most read and popular articles across LinkedIn’s over 300 million users.

That means out of the hundreds or thousands of articles published between October 14 and October 16, with your help we got to the #10 position.

One other interesting note…


Top three articles overall in LinkedIn Pulse

Top 10 articles overall in LinkedIn Pulse


You can see from this image that the only two people in the top 10 without the Official LinkedIn influencer badge are me and Jerome Knyszewski.

End of the day results as a top 10 post:

Likes, comments and followers at the end of a day as a top 10 LinkedIn pulse article


39 new followers at one point during the day as a top 10 linkedin pulse article


Factors contributing to the meteoric success:

- Your Help

Your help inside the LinkedIn VIP publisher group. Thumbs up and comments, especially done within the first 2 hours of publishing, look like the strongest factors that lead to an article “Pulsing”

New connections, comments, and followers within the first two hours of publishing my LinkedIn pulse article

Two comments, three New likes, three new followers less than one hour after publishing my LinkedIn pulse article

- Topic

There’s no getting around the fact that it must be a topic and specific article title the LinkedIn community cares about and wants to learn more about to develop their careers and business

Writing and productivity hacks certainly fits that bill

- Promotion

I may have reached out to you individually via text or e-mail for a thumbs-up and/or comment.

It’s a dirty little secret no one likes to admit. You must promote anything you publish.

You wouldn’t go to all of the trouble investing your time and cash resources to create a product without a plan to promote it.

Six people liked my LinkedIn pulse article within the first six minutes of publishing

Treat any piece of content you create similar to a product. Approach it with the mindset that you’re at least going to do a mini launch of that content.

Obviously, you don’t want to hit up your friends multiple times per week.

Be selective when developing your articles or multimedia content. Asking for help twice per month to promote a piece of your content is reasonable. Especially when you’re very active.

Keep an eye out for when your friends and sharing partners publish. Then share/comment for them without them even asking.

They do notice. They do reciprocate when you ask them with a personal message.

Social Marketing is getting saturated and reaching an overwhelm point. It’s hard for people to keep up with their newsfeed.

This means it’s becoming more critical to get back to the old ways… personal, 1-on-1 communication. Send a private message to ask for quick help.

I recommended developing a “sharing partners” spreadsheet of between 30 and 50 people. If it helps, you can think of it like your own little syndicate.

Imagine them helping you twice per month. Of course, help them and monitor what they publish. You can even set up a Google alert for their name so you’re on the ball whenever something cool happens for them or they publish something.

- Quoting Influencers

Connected with industry influencer Michael Hyatt and quoted him in my LinkedIn pulse article, tagging him in this post about the article

Quote an influencer with a big following and link to their LinkedIn profile. Send them a connect request saying, “I’d like to quote you in my article. Let’s connect so I can notify you when I publish it.”

You won’t get 100% of influencers to accept your connect request. But I have been getting between 25% and 35% which is more than you had without the strategy.

I’ve got one of those influencers scheduled to be on my Hidden Profit Path show.

Maybe I should have a GARGANTUAN EGO and not quote as many people. But I like to share recognition and will have to be satisfied with my merely MASSIVE EGO. ;)

- Tag those Influencers and people you quoted

When you post visuals, tidbits, and interesting enticements about your article to your newsfeeds ‘tag’ the appropriate influencer if you’re referencing their quote.

If it’s a general teaser about the article you can ‘tag’ multiple influencers in your status update.

- Notify them via @tweets

The slight edge book's Twitter account likes and retweets my tweet about Jeff Olson's book

- Tweet the LinkedIn editors @LinkedInPulse

Twitter account for the LinkedIn Pulse editors to @tweet so your article can potentially be featured on their Twitter account and in the daily LinkedIn Pulse e-mail

I didn’t do this because I only learned about it after publishing this article.

I’ll do so for each future article I publish.

- Hashtag (Oct 2014’s was #behindthescenes)

The LinkedIn editors set certain topics and article angles they want each month. They set up a hashtag.

Piggyback on this so your article is timely and you increase your odds the LinkedIn editors will pick it up in the daily Pulse e-mail.

- Recognizable Business icon Image

Don Draper of AMC's TV show Mad Men. His famous quote about creatives being unproductive until that moment of inspiration when they're massively productive

I used Don Draper (character from the TV show Mad Men on AMC) which many LinkedIn people can identify with or want to be.

I used more than the recommended 8 images in this article. there were 10 images. But it worked like a champ.

I believe my word length was a little under 2,000 words. This was right in line with recommendations.

Going Forward

I look forward to case study article #4.

Hopefully, we’ll achieve our goal of figuring out a process to get between 30% and 40% of the articles we publish into the big categories of LinkedIn Pulse and even the top 10 of overall LinkedIn Pulse.

Readers, thumbs up, comments at end of day1

At the end of day one there were almost 5,000 readers, 20 thumbs-up, six comments for my article on LinkedIn pulse about productivity and writing hacks


What did I get out of all this effort?

– 1 influencer interview

– 2 prospects for my services (Disclosure: haven’t Sold either one yet)

– 61 new followers I can directly track. Probably countless more that there’s no way to track

– over 35,000 readers to my article

– untold new authority and status in thousands of business people’s minds


I love the power of the LinkedIn publishing platform. You must use it the right way and you must promote your articles.

Keep in mind the 80/20 rule. Invest about 20% of your time in creating a top-notch article. Then invest 80% of your time promoting that article because if very few people read it, what’s the point?

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