About Collie

I am often asked both by clients as well as fellow professionals…” What is it you sell?”, or “What is it you do?”, and “Who are your clients?”

All valid questions I guess, but I just don’t have a canned answer. So here’s a sense of the what and why.

Most people I talk to don’t understand that they have the same access to the kinds of strategies that Fortune 500 company executives use to build their executive compensation and pension plans. These strategies allow for maximum retirement income as well as provide some tax advantages.

What I do is help people understand how you can design these strategies on platforms that you have access to. The why is based on my simple beliefs that families are heading for financial disaster unless changes are made, that common wisdom is not leading them in the right direction, and the moral obligation that once we know the truth we share it and help others.

Truth be told, these solutions are not for everyone and I don’t have any magic bullets. As a business owner, you need and are required to have certain types of coverages. The best I can do is point out your risks, present solutions to them, and offer the best quote/coverage I can to earn your business.

With retirement planning, as a husband and father I personally embrace the strategies I promote and offer to those looking for solutions that will diminish risk, add a stream of income, and provide for future growth of your money.

This is referred to as Prosperity Economics by my mentor Kim Butler. It is about using sound strategies that are grounded in simple economics to provide for an income in retirement that can essentially be guaranteed and 30% to 40% greater than the retirement level you may be facing now.

There is no smoke, no mirrors, no schemes…just the hard character traits of discipline, dedication, and desire. These have to be present and you really must want to take charge of your own personal economy. There again, the best I can do is show the way and while I can’t make you proceed, I genuinely hope you will feel motivated to dig deeper and begin making a “plan.”

I invite you to make use of any and all materials here and if you desire, sign up to receive an occasional blog post or invitation to an upcoming webinar. I am happy to provide you with a business evaluation, a personal coverage review, or an illustration of potential retirement strategies. These are the methods I am using to help my own business and family prosper and I hope they may also help you in those areas of your life as well.

After many years living across the East Coast, (native Texan) I came back to TX, and am living just outside of Austin with my wife and 2 teenage sons. Just like you, I am faced with the challenges of reducing my debt, planning for retirement, and facing the upcoming prospect of financing college tuitions.

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