The Biggest Retirement Worry, and What I’m Doing to Fix it

These past 16 months of starting my practice have been incredibly difficult and yet, very rewarding. I came to this business as a result of feeling I had no control of my personal economy (money in & money out) nor any cohesive plan for my retirement years. I want to share what I have found…simple economic strategies and solutions that maximize your income in retirement as well as safeguard a legacy for your loved ones…with guarantees in place.

As I have jump-started my education, renewed my certifications, continued to add more licenses, and began to meet with like-minded people…I am even more excited about “spreading the gospel” of strategies that my firm has developed that can greatly impact families’ lives for the better.

Regardless of all the things that make us so different, there is one area that the vast majority of us hold in common, a problem that has come to the forefront particularly in recent years. The problem…the increasing probability of running out of money in retirement. As pensions continue to disappear, we are living longer, Social Security is in jeopardy, costs of healthcare and basic goods continue to rise, and markets have increased volatility, we have to acknowledge that the old model is no longer applicable.

Now, am I saying that people are actually going to run totally out of money towards the end of their retirement…not necessarily. What I am saying is that if you save $1 million for retirement, and that you plan on withdrawing up to $80,000 a year to live on, assuming you do not want to disinherit your loved ones, you have a 76% chance of running out of money within 20 years.

The “gospel” I am preaching is the absolute need to examine where you are now, and where you want to be in the future, all the time embracing the fact that there is a new reality in play when it comes to retirement planning. Over the upcoming weeks I will be releasing a series of videos and blogs. You will not find anything for sale here, nor will any future fee-based “coaching” be offered. I absolutely want you to partake of any information I provide here. If you want to go the next step and look at your individual numbers..and project how your current plan compares vs. any strategy I propose, we can do that to.

For an action plan to start today, I suggest you opt in to receive the next few emails, check out my blogs, and click on the links provided to view the webinars I have posted. Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions or feedback.

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