Retirement Income and the “Rule of 4”…

The 4% Rule….

What do you want your “pay rate” to be in retirement? Has your adviser mentioned a safe rate of withdrawal from your portfolio? In the past, withdrawing 5% was considered a safe rate…meaning it would not collapse your portfolio (depleting it faster than it could grow or stay afloat) and leave your heirs without an estate.

Now even 4% is being considered to be too great a withdrawal rate (please Google “safe retirement withdrawal rate”).

Say you want a retirement income of $80,000 a year.

The 4% rule would tell you that you would need $2,000,000.00 accumulated as to not outlive your nest egg.

Are you close to that…do you think you will get there?

What if you could get to $1,000,000 and I could show you the path to withdrawing 8% ($80k), retaining your estate, with built-in guarantees?

If you have interest, please Contact me Collie Moye at 512-688-6393 or email me at and we can get together for a cup of coffee and determine if this is the right strategy for you. If you choose to proceed we can arrange a meeting where I will flesh out your plan and show you the math…based on solid economic principles with no get rich quick proposals.

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