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Debunking The Myths About Whole Life Insurance: Taking a Fresh Look at a Time-Tested Product

The economic downturn has forced many Americans to rethink the way they plan for their financial future. In this more fiscally conservative environment, a growing number of consumers are returning to a financial product whose worth was recognized by their grandparents: whole life insurance. Whole life insurance, which provides a broad range of financial benefits, has proved its long-term value over generations. While other financial instruments faltered recently, whole life insurance provided small business owners with a much-needed source of funds and retirees with access to additional income — all the while, continuing to pay death benefits to beneficiaries.

For the last two decades, financial pundits and journalists have discounted the benefits of whole life insurance in favor of trendy, equity-oriented vehicles that seemed to offer higher returns at lower costs, but in fact were high risk. Throughout this time, a number of myths about whole life insurance have been perpetrated, with the result being that many Americans are unaware of the flipside of the story — the benefits that make whole life insurance one of the most valuable and flexible financial planning tools available.


5 Essential Questions and Answers (with a Freebie!) for Business Owners

Fires and car accidents happen; people slip, fall, get sick, and even die. And all of these things can occur in your business. This is why all businesses, whether they are one-person operations or multimillion dollar corporations, need business insurance.

Here are five of the most frequently asked questions about business insurance to help you choose coverage and policies for you and your enterprise.

1. What Is Business Insurance?

2. Why Do I Need Business Insurance?

3. What Types of Business Insurance Are Available?

4. Can I Get a Policy that Combines Different Types of Insurance?

5. How Do I Buy Business Insurance?

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