GMAP’s activities

GMAP responds to regulatory changes introduced in relation to gelatin, its raw materials and by-products.

GMAP is both proactive and responsive to issues affecting the gelatin industry and its customers worldwide.

GMAP monitors and evaluates scientific and technical issues in relation to the manufacture and sale of gelatin and gelatin by-products, whether impending or enacted, and to any regulatory developments that may affect the gelatin industry, including those of a health or environmental nature.

GMAP, internally and in conjunction with other gelatin associations, engages in gelatin testing to achieve and promote standards, procedures and methods to ensure uniform product quality and safety for gelatin customers and consumers.

GMAP provides information to consumers and those interested in gelatin, in a public relations capacity, to further promote the applications and consumption of gelatin and its by-products.

For further enquiries, contact the Gelatin Manufacturers Association of Asia Pacific by email.

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