Pharmaceutical gelatin

P Gelatine is the most PURE and PERFECT PROTEIN available.
H It is absolutely HARMLESS and controlled by HIGH QUALITY standards for such applications.
A ACTIVE and readily and rapidly ACCEPTED by the body.
R RELIABLE and safe ingredient in sensitive products.
M Significant in MEDICINAL and MEDICAL applications.
A Contains practically all essential AMINO ACIDS required for body cells and tissue nourishment.
C Sourced from natural COLLAGENS.
E ESSENTIAL to all humans.
U A UNIQUE and USEFUL product used through the centuries.
T Significant in THERMOREVERSIBLE and TABLETTING applications.
I Truly an INTERNATIONAL product.
C A CLEAR and CLEAN product.
A Easily AVAILABLE from several producers who are members of GMAP.
L Used in several LIFE supporting applications, such as plasma extenders.

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