Safety of gelatin manufactured by GMAP members

To ensure the consistent quality and safety of their edible and pharmaceutical gelatins, the GMAP members are committed to:
1. manufacturing gelatin in compliance with the highest safety requirements of national and international standards such as ISO 9000, HACCP and GMP
2. producing and marketing their edible and pharmaceutical gelatins in compliance with the regulations, legislation and the authorities relevant to the region or country of the sale.

Gelatin Raw Materials
The selection of raw material is paramount to the safety of the gelatin produced therefrom. The GMAP members individually attest to the quality of their gelatin raw materials by assuring where necessary:

  • The type of animal and its geographical origin is specified.

Raw material is:
i) derived from healthy slaughtered animals approved for human consumption
ii) traceable from its source through to the final gelatin manufactured there from.

Gelatin Production, Quality and Environmental Compliance
After selecting their raw materials, the GMAP members further ensure the safety of their gelatins and environmental conservation by ensuring that:

  • a system such as ISO9000, HACCP is in place for quality assurance
  • the raw material is treated with alkali or acid, followed by fresh water rinsing

the extracted gelatin solution is:
i) heated one or several times in succession followed by
ii) purification and sterilisation

  • the gelatin manufactured and sold by GMAP members conforms to international and/or relevant legislation of each region
  • their gelatin manufacturing process conforms to local environmental regulations.

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