Special Project Specialist

This is where things get really exciting.  Being direct importers with strong international links, and having our own in-house manufacturing team, means that we are able to turn imagination into reality.  From amazing set designs, to world class holiday activations, we have the knowledge and expertise to excite, entertain and engage with your shoppers.


Below are just a few of the amazing special projects that we have created:

-We have the only walk-in snowglobe in the country.  This was used as part of a festive décor display where kids could walk into the snowglobe to take pics with Santa.

-We are the first company to own animatronic dinosaurs.  Back in 2013, before the word  animatronics was even heard off we used our dinosaurs at Gateway Theatre of shopping  for a holiday activation.  The event lasted three weeks and sold and incredible 22000 tickets.

-We own the largest inflatable candyland, that is a whopping 256 cubic metres of pure  enjoyment

-We design and build giant trees in many different styles and designs.  Whether you are looking for a 3m tree or a 30m tree, our team can create it for your mall.

-Our inflatable dragon is the first of its kind in Africa.  Kids are able to climb in through its mouth, then climb through it and slide down its tale.

The list goes on… but let’s not spend time talking about what we did.  Let’s look to the future, and create something amazing for your mall, that will make other envy you.  Let us help take you from good to great!

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