Things To Know

Each mall is different. Your events and marketing should be as unique and personalized as possible to ensure that you are impressing not just your shoppers, but also your tenants. Whether you are wanting a holiday activation that screams with excitement, or a special occasion celebration to reward your shoppers etc. We have the knowledge and expertise to customize solutions to create the Wow factor that you are looking for.


When deciding on events and activation to host at your mall, you need to consider the following carefully:


-What do I hope to achieve at the end of this event, and is it measurable? 

The best activation is futile if you do not know why you are doing it. We can all talk about increasing foot-traffic and spend, however any good marketer will know that this is a sugar coated objective. Truth is, if you mall attracts a million shoppers a month, and your event has 5000 entries, then you did not really achieve anything, because getting 0.5% is not amazing by any standards.


-Do I host multiply events just to create an events calendar, and show that I am busy?

You can have 12 events a year, and sometimes none of them add any value to your mall, let alone your personal brand. All it does it take up your time, and waste your budget. Its sometime better to host fewer marketing activations so that you have more time to plan, as well as a joined budget to allow you to not just do something, but to rather do something amazing.


-Be realistic, and only make a promise that you can deliver. 

When creating effective marketing plans and activations, it is important to be realistic. Manage expectations, and if you make promises – always deliver. Do not tell your tenants you will increase spend per head, then you reach only 0.5% of shoppers. We always guide our clients and work with them to turn the mediocre into magnificence.


-Find the right team, then stick with them

In the rough seas on marketing, you need a crew that will work with you and support you, so that together you can achieve all that you set out to do. Don’t make the mistake of keep changing suppliers, because if you expect your service provider to be loyal to you, then you should be loyal to them as well. Relationships reap rewards. All our clients who use us on a regular basis know that they always get more than they pay for, and often items are not charged for. This is our way of saying thank you for the continued support.


-Want something, just not sure what it is?

Clients often approach us, saying that they want to do something and have a budget in mind, but they are not sure what they actually want to do. We work with more than 30 different shopping malls on a regular basis, so we have complete in-depth and personal knowledge of each centres plans and marketing approach, this knowledge is here to help guide you. We will help you plan and execute great marketing that does not clash with a nearby shopping mall and ensure that your events and activations are always amazing.

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