Things You Should Know

Festive décor does not have a direct increase on sales, or foot-count.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  What is does have an impact on, is far more important.  When done correctly, it speaks to a shopper on a subconscious level and puts them into a festive shopping spirit.  By intriguing your shopper on an emotional level, they are more likely to be in a positive frame of mind, and this will inevitably allow them to find it easier to spend more money at your mall.


When choosing the right Christmas décor service provider, you need to consider the following carefully:


-Is the company that you are thinking of working with, had any public liability claims, or have they changed their trading name? 

Often companies start trading, then due to poor workmanship or lack of professionalism, they close down or start trading as a different company.

The Great Idea Corporation, since inception in 2007, have had ZERO incidents of public liability claims/ shopping centre damage.


-Can they be trusted, and what is their experience?

To offer low prices, some companies use cheap labour.  This results in them causing you high stress at a low cost.  During the festive season, the last thing you need is stress.  Some companies have be caught for theft of décor/ theft from stores/ damages to property etc.

The Great Idea Corporation has a professional décor and installation team, which have worked on more than 120 Christmas décor projects with perfection.  We value every client, and we are not here to just get your business, we are here to keep it.


-What is the turnaround time and backup service. 

There is no point in having a great looking mall décor for the first week, then a week later the wind blows, or lights stop working.  Then you are left for a long time with untidy looking décor.

All our work is backed up by a 48 hour response time.  Which means that we guarantee that within 48 hours from the time that we are notified of any problems with décor eg. Wind/ electrical fault, that it will be resolved.


-What about repair work

Whilst installing the décor, hooks and other fixing equipment is used.  This often leaves behind damages to the bulkheads or other fixtures.

After removal of all the décor, our clients are encouraged to look through the mall and make sure that they are happy with the packaging of the décor, and the repair work to the fixtures.  Only after they are completely satisfied, only then do we request our final payment.


-Can you get in contact with them when you really need them?

The owner, Keshan Reddy is hands on with every project, all our clients will confirm that he is contactable via his mobile number 24/7.  In addition each mall is assigned a project manager who is also available 24/7.


-Will I get what the best service after confirming the order?

Often clients are fooled by suppliers who talk a big game, then tie them into long contracts.  Regrettably only after signing the contract do you realise that the service provider overpromised and under-delivered.  But you can’t do anything because you are locked into a contract for many years.  So when you lights stop working, or the product is not what you expected, you can’t do anything because they have locked you into a contract to use them for multiply years.


We DO NOT tie clients down to multiply year contracts.  We don’t rely on tying you to a contracts to keep your business, we believe that our exceptional work ethic, amazing creativity and professionalism will ensure that we keep your business.  This is what you can expect from us.  No sugar coated smiles, no false promises.  Just real people working real hard to deliver on every promise, always.


-Its all about timing, so can your supplier deliver the fastest installation and guarantee their installation time?

We are probably the fastest décor installation team in the country.  In 2014, we installed Christmas décor in 27 shopping malls, in 30 days.  With only one mall, that we installed a day late, every other job was exactly on time.

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