Why Choose Us


When dealing with The Great Idea Corporation, you don’t get feigned sincerity and sugar-coated smiles.  You get real people working real hard to deliver on every promise, always.

If in doubt, here are a few reasons to believe in us:


Your peace of mind

Our proven track record simply means that your job is made easier. Having extensive experience and history in the dynamic world of retail shopping centres  - from community centres to strip malls and super-regionals, means that we offer you the most priceless benefit. And that is peace of mind – the confidence to know that your brief will be delivered on time, on budget and on par with your standards.


Our minimum standards exceed the highest standards of most in the industry

Having reliable and well-trained staff who are problem solvers, and that are on time, and professional, who execute projects flawlessly is good. But those are the basics; it should be a given with any service provider. Where the Great Idea Corporation becomes great, is in the detail. Each project is conceived and then executed with the highest standards top of mind. It starts from the briefing process – come to us with your thoughts and we will draw on all our resources to give you tangible ideas that will make you look not just good, but great.


Partnership approach based on transparency and flexibility

No client is treated as just another number in the queue. Size doesn’t matter; big or small, we will work with you to ensure that your desired project or campaign outcomes are met.  Our view is a long-term, relationship-based one which is evidenced in the number of years we have serviced some clients in our portfolio. You can rest assured that we will leverage our own network of service providers (local and abroad) to unlock value in the supply chain for you. And when briefs change, or budgets fluctuate, we again assure your of our flexibility –  solutions are always well-thought, and unique to your specific requirements, timing, budget and brief.


Creative solutions backed by technical expertise

We take the guesswork out of how your idea or brief can (or sometimes cannot) roll out. We don’t do pie-in-the-sky ideas that can end up being executed to a disappointingly average result. Rather, we plan on a technical basis – looking at mall design, fittings and spatial features to conceive the best possible proposal to make an idea work.  From special access and rigging to equipment hire, to planning for storage of your items, we leave no stones unturned. The biggest benefit here, is that we mitigate the risk associated with the job on hand – both from a reputational stance as well as operationally.


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