“Designs should be totems reflecting the culture and social habits of the time.”

I have always been interested in bridging the gap between Art and Design . Through

time I discovered that technology is the vessel for traveling between the two worlds.Great design like  great art  contains traces of humanity because objects are meaningless without the values we place on them through context and culture.This  dialogue between the creation and its intended audience is ultimately what am looking to challenge.

I am often juxtaposing the organic beauty of the natural world with the refined methods of an industrialized nation. Its a perspective I believe  comes from identifying with indigenous groups. Creation for them was an innate extension of their being and is a lesson over industrialized countries can learn from . It aids the greater good if we create with thoughtfulness , sensitivity and in response to our environment rather than purely commercial interests. That is when we are able to  create the totems that reflect the present while solving the problems that create a bridge to the future.