Commercial Feng Shui Audit and Consultancy

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The consultation will be conducted in person by Ms. Amelia Neo, Owner of Master Franchise World of Feng Shui Singapore.

Type :

- Onsite. An onsite visit will be conducted by our Senior Consultant to ascertain the facing directions of the property, site survey and review and discuss with the client their objectives and concerns in relation to the consultation of the property.

Requirements :

Prior to the onsite visit we would require the following information:-

- Soft copy of the floor plan (need not be drawn to scale)

- Date of Birth, Gender and Work Position of the owner(s) and Key Personnel of the Company

- The year the property was built and completed

- The floor area in either sq m or feet of the property

- The address of the property

- The address and person to invoice to


- To ascertain the time period and the accurate facing direction of the office or Commercial Property.

- The good and bad facing directions of Key Personnel in the company - calculated based on the respective date of birth, gender and Kua number of the key 


- The auspicious and inauspicious sectors of the property and how to enhance good sectors and remedy the unfavourable ones.

- Recommend the work sitting arrangement of Key Personnel and overview layout of the employees work area in the office.

- Recommend color schemes & elements including colors to avoid in each section of the office.

- Addition guidelines will be provided if the company is changing the time dimension of the property to the current period time dimension - massive renovation works.

- Recommend suitable auspicious dates and directions to commence renovations.

- Recommend auspicious tips for Moving into the Property and Official Opening.

Audit and Consultation Report :

A hard copy of the Report will be ready within 10 working days. Our Senior Consultant will review the report with clients at our consultation office.

Commercial Consultation Form