Why were Ticket BOTS not stopped before disrupting the entire Live Event Industry?

The USA Federal Government tried eight years ago.

Wiseguy Tickets invented Ticket Bots in 1999 when it was legal, and acceptable as anyone in the Industry knows it’s intentional that Brokers end up with .

Then in 2012, the Department of Justice shut Wiseguy down and BOTS were stopped. Nope.

No one believed Lowson when he explained Wiseguy knew Fan perception needed enough Primary Ticket Access.

“Sure, we bought profitable seats. However, we were strategic and released most tickets delayed by minutes and landing in Fan hands.”

Why did Ken toss back seats? Simple so his competition did not get them. Wiseguy, wanted Fans to get the bulk of tickets.

Ken was slapped on the back each year at Ticket Broker conventions and thanked for being the largest Industry customer.

Then Billions changed hands when Big Ticketing merged itself into the Primary and Secondary markets.

“I was called the monopolist at the same moment Anti-Trust allowed the Cartel-ing of the Live Event history.”

1000+ BOT/Brokers copied the Wiseguy model, and for some reason, the Feds gave up while the establishment continued to encourage BOTS.

The practice became so extreme that Fans got shut out completely.

It was however too late. The Fan Sleeping Giant awoke and flooded over and all Ticketing policies came under the Microscope.

Obama signed the BOT law at the same time a Trump Inaugural ticket was $20,000 for a free ticket! This was the straw that broke the Status Quo back.

Rebottling Fan, Press, and Government realizations remain impossible, and now Ticket Seller practices caused a massive Live Event Disruption.

Ken now works for the real stakeholders in the Live Entertainment business. Teams, Artists, and their Fans who realize Tickets affect all profit generators.

TIXFAN understands all Ticket Market nuances, can stop Ticket Bots, undesired reselling, earning more for the Event with happier Fans.
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