Ticket Selling at the Quantum Level:

Street Hustling
BOT Invention
Market Domination
Sport and Artist Hit Man


TIXFAN is on a mission to align Live Event Creator and Fan Interests.

Our founder Ken Lowson predicted a Fan backlash back in 2012.

He knew 1000+ others would copy a Wiseguy 75% Pre-Tax Net model.

His warnings went unheeded until BOTS pushed things so far all Ticketing practices came under the spotlight.

Live Event financial interest’s now forced to realign to the new Fan, Press & Government paradigm needed help.

TIXFAN answered with its Direct Fan Sales Principle:

Max Fan Spending Capture earned by Delivering Higher Fan Value created Highest Profitability.


When you’ve invented Ticket Bots and dealt millions of seats you’ve learned a bit about ticketing.

Ken Lowson owned the infamous Wiseguy Tickets. He cornered the resale markets for Sold Out Events.

The experience taught Ken:

A. Ticket distribution is outdated and behind the tech curve by decades.

B. Social Media ensured that Fans, Press and Government awareness would cause a Live Event Industry disruption.

Now, he employs his talents increasing Ticket Profit, boosting Fan Cred and leveraging Ticket Sellers.
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